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'This Cannavaro flutter on the problem, looks hollister Materazzi reckless foul in the penalty area tipped Malouda, in fact, the first time to grab Cannavaro appeared to be quite a rush to As is easy to get rid of Malouda, Materazzi is to fill the seats before Cannavaro fouls ...... Materazzi game in good shape, how much he missed extent can compensate the loss of hollister sale Nesta , will be the key to whether hollister uk the Italian victory. 'After Materazzi gave France a penalty foul, Jose says.Sometimes I really wonder why Jose will put it accurately, in twelve minutes later, Materazzi received a Pirlo's corner beat Vieira headed home the match! This is a crucial goal, but in the next game Materazzi fully play out a high level, not only to defend Henry lived, but also constantly interfering with Zidane, let Zidane The organization can not successfully attack from his ubiquitous little trick Zidane also angered that appears in overtime that classic scene ......'Angels and demons, often only a thin line, Zidane is a good example, as an attacking midfielder, his career will often eat red card, but also Taibuyinggai red card in their own last professional game left such a record, not only left a stain might ruin a World Cup. 'After Zidane's red card Jose said.It turns out that Zidane's fate to Italy had a chance to recuperate has begun to collapse, their hollister outlet success will be maintained until the end of extra time the score, penalty shootout, Italy five penalty Fifth, Trezeguet point ball in

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